The Sidhe; 2014 Legend Bridal Collection

The Sidhe Collection has been designed to capture the blithe and graceful nature of the Sidhe. For those of you not familiar with this Irish folklore let me tell you the story…

The Sidhe are the royalty of the Seelie Court. They are the ancestors that created all faery. They are serene, composed and grounded. They frequently travel the pathways between our worlds; the doorways between their glittering palaces and our lands lying among the ruins of our ancient buildings. They are also fabled to be muses, the poets, musicians and dancers, the artists connected to every creative talent. They cause an immense feeling of joy in humans and try to remain unseen.

Perfect inspiration for a bridal collection don’t you think?

The five Sidhe are made up of Alvarie, Aubrey, Donella, Brielle and Shaylee are feminine and delicate in design, with fabrics that flow like water, cuts that dance on the breeze and silhouettes that drape softly around the bride giving that ethereal enchantment like stepping out from a beautiful dream.



This shoot was also featured on Bespoke Bride

Sidhe bespoke bride

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