Your wedding dress timeline

This timeline is our most common scenario. Ideally we like to have as much notice as possible as this allows us to plan our time most effectively; however in some instances we may be able to accommodate shorter timescales. Obviously this depends on the complexity of design and the current work schedule.

6 months

We will have a couple of design consultations. In the first we will explore all your ideas; we’ll try dresses out of our collection and pin point exactly what it is you are looking for. We’ll show you styles, cuts, fabrics and embellishments and work with you to discover the look and feel you want to achieve for your wedding day. We’ll use all these ideas as the basis of our design sketches. We’ll develop a series of sketches (typically 2 to 6) from which you can then create your design, tweaking every aspect until you are entirely happy.

Once the design has been finalized we will take all the measurements we need to map out the construction of your gown and create your toile. We will ask for a 50% deposit to begin developing your pattern and order fabrics.

4 months

We will begin toile fittings. In many cases the first couple of fittings are with a toile (mock up in calico) that allows us to develop the pattern that we will use to create your dress and for you to see a simplified version of your gown. A toile isn’t always necessary if you have chosen one of our existing designs.

We will schedule 2 or 3 appointments in fairly quick succession to allow us to perfect the pattern and pin down some of the finer details . We then begin your dress in earnest.

The next couple of months’ work involves transferring all our information from the calico mock up and beginning to create your dress.

During this time you should be looking to order your accessories. We can work with you to design something that complements your gown perfectly, or you may want to find something completely different. It’s entirely up to you, but now that you have an idea of the dress coming together it is advisable to begin thinking about accessories.

8 weeks

We now begin the final stage of detail and look at the finer fit elements. This may take 1 to 3 fittings to get completely right. You will need to bring the right undies and your shoes to ensure we get the perfect fit and find the ideal length.

You may want to try your accessories with your dress to see the full effect.

You may also want to bring along your mum or maid of honour so that they can learn how to help you get dressed on the day.

2 weeks

We will schedule your final fitting approximately 2 weeks before your wedding.

At this point everything should be completed and serves as a final check that everything is exactly how you want it for your wedding day.


Collect your dress and accessories. This is usually 1 or 2 days before the wedding as it will be freshly pressed ready for you to wear.

Your dress will be protected in a specially designed breathable gown cover but make sure you have somewhere secure and high to ensure it is kept clean and pristine.



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