What to expect from our bespoke service…

Our Bespoke Service – What to expect

For some of you the experience of having a hand in the creation of your dress has always been your dream, or perhaps you’ve searched high and low and just not found the perfect dress. Sometimes the only step forward is to have it made.

We understand that it can also be daunting commissioning a dress to your exact wishes.

So here is a guide to how we work and what to expect:

If you have an idea of the perfect dress, but can’t find exactly what you want, then we will help you design your own dress. Whether it be simply bringing a picture of a celebrity on the red carpet for inspiration or combining lots of your favourite elements to make a completely unique design to your specification. Likewise, if you don’t know what you would like, or are uncertain what you want, we can discuss your likes and dislikes so that we can understand your tastes and develop ideas for you to think about.

We have previously been asked to make copies of other designers’ dresses. While we will use your images as inspiration and these images will influence the design we create for you, we will not replicate other dresses.

Shown are 2 alternative shoulder options

From here we will make a variety of sketches for you to work through and modify to your hearts’ content, mixing and matching various elements until you have the design you want. You will be shown fabric samples and colour combinations and we can show you examples of embroidery and beading, unusual trimmings and a wide range of handmade flowers and accents that you may wish to incorporate into your design.

Together we will work towards a final design and costing, modifying your design and fabric choices to suit your budget. This consultation period is for you to decide whether the couture design service is for you or not.

The next stage requires a deposit for us to buy the materials and then we will set about making the pattern and in certain cases a toile. A toile is a first creation of the dress in cotton or muslin. The beauty of this process is that it allows you to see the design take shape, and allows us to see how the dress will come together and modify the fit and pattern to your wishes before cutting into your chosen fabric.

Your dress will be made up over 4 to 6 fittings depending on complexity of design. During that time fittings with your chosen underwear, desired shoes and jewellery is advised so that we can make sure everything is perfect.


A custom wedding gown CAN be completed in 6 months, but ideally at least 9 months is required to turn those initial sketches into reality. Bridesmaid, prom dresses and waistcoats are not so time consuming, however if you have a lot of bridesmaids the sooner we can get started the better. It goes without saying that this is not something we want to rush!

It’s hard to give you a guide price without sitting down with you and discussing design details and fabric options but as a guideline wedding dresses start at £800 and bridesmaids at £200


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