Legend Bridal Alternative Catwalk

Legend Bridal at Great Northern Weddng Show with Little White Books

We are only 5 weeks away from our alternative catwalk at the Great Northern Wedding Show on the 20th September.

I’m not going to lie, we’re not ready. It’s the height of the wedding season and all our attention is quite rightly devoted to our brides. We have plenty of plans; new dresses we want to create, grand ideas about our show and huge plans for our stand. But with our concentration fully on getting our brides ready for their weddings, our preparations for the Great Northern Wedding Show will quite definitely be last minute dot com.

This is where our amazing friends come in… we are going to be relying heavily on the help of our friends to get us ready (hope you’re reading this guys… count yourselves roped in!)

That said, I’m sat here trying to work out what music we should use for our different catwalk scenes and thought it would be interesting to look back at our April show… (all images by ZT Photography)

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Retro Rockabilly

We opened the show with tattoos, petticoats and parasols set to the cutest track by Evelyn Knight from 1948… ‘A Little Bird’.


We are love the growing trend for tipi and festival weddings; a more relaxed way to tie the knot and celebrate with your friends in a field. Our more laid back designs went hand in hand with ‘Ho Hey’ by the Lumineers. Who doesn’t LOVE those lyrics?

I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart

Cosmic Love

There were gasps, goosebumps and even tears as Hatty wowed the audience with her pretty spectacular ballet to Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. She was pretty amazing and set the way for our other girls to grace the catwalk. The dresses in this set were very romantic; frothy layers of tulle complimented by beaded chains and shoulder jewellery (such a popular part of this seasons dresses).

Alternative glamourous

We have also seen a trend for more understated glamour; clean and simple design in an almost carefree way. Relaxed and easy to wear but luxurious and often dripping in rhinestones. This, more sophisticated group was set to Glory Box by Portishead

Rock Rebel

We then shook everything up and knocked everyone off their seats Lovesong by Snake River Conspiracy… admittedly this was partly the volume difference of this track, but also a lot to do with Vega… our black dress with tea length front and train – yes you can have both!

Gothic Romance

We then ended with our most Gothic beauties; capes, hoods, sequins and pearls, all challenging the idea that Ivory is the only choice for your wedding dress. These romantic dresses were complimented by I wish by This Ascension

So, we’ve got some work to do… best get back to it!


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