Great Northern Wedding Show 20th September

We are on countdown… there are just 7 days, 7 DAYS! until we see you all at the Great Northern Wedding Show at USN Bolton Arena

Legend Bridal Alternative Catwalk at the Great Northern Weding Show

7 days is not a lot of time considering the ‘to do’ list we have to work through this week, however, we’ve just had our catwalk rehearsal and you guys are in for a treat!

  • awesome models – tick
  • alternative soundtrack – tick
  • live performances – tick
  • ice machines – tick
  • gorgeous dresses and accessories – TICK

We also have Duncan Fisher and Sonara Parker flexing their creative fingers on our models and have been plotting hair and makeup to pull the whole look together. Too bloody exciting!

Legend Bridal Alternative Catwalk at the Great Northern Weding Show

WARNING: The alternative catwalk probably isn’t going to be videoed and it’s the ONLY catwalk we are doing this year.

We are there the whole day (11-4)… our stand is right next to the catwalk, so you can’t miss us and our Alternative Catwalk is at 3pm.

There is a lot going on and a lot to see; so many wedding businesses it’s unreal. Make sure you plan your day well. We had so many emails last time from brides who desperately wanted to see our catwalk but couldn’t hang around until our catwalk at 3 having queued for the doors opening at 11.

Entry is free… don’t forget to fill out this quick form for fast track entry


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