Here’s to our models…

The crazy girls who say yes to our silly ideas, who suffer inhuman poses ‘in the name of art’ and endure bitter weather conditions to help us get the perfect shot.

Our gorgeous girls that hold their breath, squeeze their muscles and clench their buttocks to maintain a pose long enough for the conditions to be right. Who balance candles in the palms of their hands while hyperaware that hot wax could drip onto the dress and lie on stone cold floors or in frozen lakes because that’s what the brief requires.

Here’s to our girls, who allow us to primp and preen them to within an inch of their lives; let us backcomb their hair into a birds nest and apply makeup they could never imagine themselves wearing; who let us dress them in all manner of outfits without a hint of bemusement and ask them to walk in shoes we wouldn’t attempt to wear ourselves.

You girls rock!

We are only too aware of what we ask of you; it’s a hard job and a long day and you girls are amazing… Thank you!

IMAGE CREDITS… please see specific image for photographer details. Included:

Have you ever fancied modelling for us?

Have you seen our styled shoots or been to one of our catwalk shows and wished you were part of it? There are many occasions when you guys express an interest in modelling for us during your fitting or while we are out and about and we’re never sure if this is a genuine offer or a whimsy. We’d like to capture that interest so we know we can contact you when projects arise. We are therefore inviting you to get in touch…

We are blessed to have a bevy of beautiful friends that love to get involved in our creative projects, and we appreciate their jumping in to any situation, however, they do have lives of their own and can’t participate in everything we throw at them… and sometimes our ideas require a particular ‘look’.

We are always on the lookout for new victims erm blood models and would love to encourage you to send us an email; full sleeve tattoos? Perfect. Wild hair colours? Yes please. Crazy long blonde tresses? Absolutely. Cute little elfin pixie look? Totally. We don’t have a stereotype or preference so if you fancy putting your name forward for consideration for our next opportunities (probably in spring) then please do email us on and we’ll send you a little questionnaire that we can then keep on file x


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