Why we don’t quote on someone else’s design

We’ve been busy of late filling our blog with our real brides and photoshoots and just LOVE seeing what details inspire you and spark your interest. Today we’re doing something a little bit different and doing a bit of a general information post.

A lot of you come to us because you can’t find exactly what you want or have ideas and know we’ll be able to put them together for you. We encourage everyone to do their research, both into the styles you like and the details you want to incorporate into your design, but also so that you know what is out there. Everyone has a different idea of their perfect dress, and sometimes you don’t know what your perfect dress might look like until you’ve been out and had a look; either by visiting various boutiques and designers or from trawling Pinterest and Instagram.

This might sound bizarre, but if on your travels you fall in love with a dress and you know it’s THE ONE… buy it!

Legend Bridal Designs | Graveyard Photoshoot with Charis Talbot Photography | www.LegendBridalDesigns.co.uk

It’s plagiarism

You might really like us and want to support our business and to be a Legend bride but if your perfect dress already exists and hangs on someone else’s rail or in someone else’s portfolio then you need to buy it from the person that designed it and put all that love into creating it.

If you nearly love it, or like a lot about it but there are fundamental things you would change, or would like the Legend version of that shape etc. then by all means keep hold of that image and bring it with you when you come to discuss your design. We love working with the elements you fall in love with to create a whole new design unique to you.

It isn’t in our interest to copy someone else’s work… apart from it not feeding our creativity it’s plagiarism – and, well, that’s kind of illegal. And it’s soul destroying to create something so special only to find someone else has copied it.

Legend Bridal Designs | Graveyard Photoshoot with Charis Talbot Photography | www.LegendBridalDesigns.co.uk

How long is a piece of string?

Seriously, it’s impossible to give an accurate quote without meeting you. A picture is great, but how do we know the quality of the fabrics they’ve used or even the quality of the fabrics you are looking for? How do we know the amount of structure is in the dress or how much structure you want or even need? How do we know if there are elements you would change – elements that can have a pretty significant effect on the amount of work and ultimate costing.

In that respect it’s impossible to give a quote over email. We need to see you and discuss the options, show you fabrics and examples and work out what is needed. Consultations are completely free and there is no obligation. It’s just the best way for us to give you the best information.

Legend Bridal Designs | Graveyard Photoshoot with Charis Talbot Photography | www.LegendBridalDesigns.co.uk

It’s not cost effective

The other side of that is that on occasion we will be asked for a quote for a screenshot from someone else’s website. And we know that they’re looking around trying to find the cheapest option. That’s fine, we encourage you to spend your money wisely. However, there is a fundamental flaw in asking a bespoke dressmaker to quote on a retailed or even high street design.

Think about it… you are asking us to quote for a one off, purpose made and couture graded pattern to be developed and then made up using high quality fabrics, made to the exact measurements and requirements over several fittings. Compared to mass produced, bulk supplied and often cheaper fabrics, made to standard size charts with no guarantee of a perfect fit.

We are extremely competitive for what we do, but we are not high street and we are not big retailers. We do not have the same buying power , we do everything in house and that takes time.

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