Would you like to model for us?

We are not like other bridal shops. You know this. You know that we design and make everything ourselves and that every dress is unique.

We are constantly taking images of our work, details and snippets throughout the process, but never share any of it…

  1. I’m terrible at taking pictures; blurry, over exposed (yes I can do that with an iPad) and ALL the jaunty angles
  2. they are working photos to help us remember what’s going on, they’re not styled or staged beautiful detail shots
  3. we NEVER share pictures of actual brides wedding dresses until after the wedding – in which case pictures of their wedding day are much more interesting.

This means that in order to show you what we can do we need to create styled photo shoots. Our ideas vary wildly; sometimes we want to create an ethereal woodland fairytale, sometime and edgy and contemporary showcase and sometimes, we just get an idea of a scene and just need to bring it to life and we often work with other wedding suppliers to bring together an idea.

As such are always on the lookout for models for various projects. If you are interested in getting involved, either in photo shoots or catwalks, then send us an email expressing your interest and we’ll send you a quick questionnaire so that we can keep your details on hand.

A selection of our favourite images from our Sidhe shoot with ZT Photography at Whalley Abbey:


5 thoughts on “Would you like to model for us?

  1. jane gelder

    How amazing would this be!!! Im a 45 year old chunky monkey… personality bigger than body… im re engaged to my ex husband…. it really doesnt get much different than that xxxx


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