Our best Alternative Bridal Catwalk yet!

or so we’ve been told.

Did you see our Alternative Bridal catwalk at the Great Northern Wedding Show at Bolton Arena last weekend? It’s quite a production and an undertaking not for the faint hearted. It’s also one we couldn’t do without the support of the Little White Books team.

For us planning starts 6 months before the event, a whole 6 months! and goes through several stages… designing new dresses, developing themes to showcase our designs, selecting music that fits the theme, is lyrically suitable and easy to walk to, creating a model running order, finding out we need to create more or different dresses, creating choreographies, holding rehearsals, collaborating with friends in the industry to finish the looks (more about that in a mo). Oh and maybe adding a couple more dresses to the ‘to create’ list.

Organizing a catwalk is a massive undertaking but also very rewarding, and one that has to come second to us actually running our business and helping our brides get ready for their weddings. This is why it means so much when brides-to-be and peers alike tell us they enjoyed watching our show. So here is a closer look at our catwalk last Sunday…

Luckily for us ZT Photography came along and captured the day for us:

Paragon Floral Design

If you saw the catwalk last week then this is probably the first dress that you mention…

Legend Bridal Paragon Floral feather and real flower cape collaboration


YES a cape made of real actual flowers! Isn’t she gorgeous? Lisa and Kate at Paragon Floral Design first approached us with an idea of something they wanted to create and after mere seconds we knew we wanted to work with them on making it real. What feels like a million pure white goose feathers were individually placed (Tracy still has the blisters) alongside hand finished crystal braided swirls on the neckline and hand finished with an amazing Italian tulle cathedral length. This feather cape formed the base for Paragon’s floral masterpiece. We LOVED how the real flowers left a trail of petal confetti in it’s wake!

Legend Bridal Designs Collaboration with Paragon Floral Designs Amazing feather and real flower cape

Duncan and Sonara

Before we go any further we also need to give credit to Duncan and Sonara (and their assisstants) who worked tirelessly behind the scenes transforming our bevy of models into catwalk ready beauties. These guys are AMAZING and I can’t recommend them enough!… Just click on their pictures to go to their business pages.

Our alternative bridal catwalk…

Scene 1: Gothic glamour

Opening the show to Jet’s Are you gonna be my girl were our most alternative designs. And when I say alternative I mean in terms of colour; black, aubergine and dark floral fabrics in corsetted princess, A-line and mermaid styles. Showcasing that a darker aesthetic is no less bridal and not at all macabre.

Scene 2: Winning with accessories

We wanted to show how easy it is to switch up your look throughout the day with the use of accessories. We took a simple satin mermaid gown and created 3 different looks using overskirts, belts, shoulder jewellery and veils. Our bridesmaids Hatty and Zoe changed all Chloe’s accessories while on stage showing just how easy the transformation is. Music: Sha-boom by The Crew Cuts

Scene 3: Ethereal Beauty

With the epic Siren Song by Samuel Sim creating a celestial atmosphere so our designs took on a more otherworldly quality. Although mainly ivory these designs were more than examples of ivory wedding dresses; different textures and layers, crystals and hand made flowers, chiffon, lace and leather all worked together to make this mini collection… oh and that feather cape teamed up with our take on art deco.

Scene 4: Alice in Wonderland

With the release of Through the Looking Glass and an ever increasing popularity for Alice in Wonderland themed weddings we thought it was about time we shared our version of Alice in Wonderland accompanied by Jefferson Airplane’s White rabbit. Teaming up with Paragon Floral Designs again we created Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen and of course the White rabbit.

Our models:

We also couldn’t have done it without the work of our gorgeous models…







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