These dip-dye details ensure your heart will soar

Do you think Gwen Stephanie knew what kind of waves she would create in the wedding world when she married Gavin Rossdale back in 2002? Or that her wedding dress would be described as iconic and exhibited in the V&A?


That dip-dyed John Galliano wedding dress is still stealing hearts and its a trend that is only now really starting to make it’s way into popularity. We are seeing more and more incredible dip dyed wedding dresses and LOVE how easy it is to infuse your day with your personality without deviating too far from tradition.

Here is Nerine, our dip dyed lace and tulle dress as modeled by Betty on our shoot with Tiree Dawson Photography. The shoot was featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and Coco Wedding Venues and the full shoot can be found here:

Lace and tulle dip dyed wedding dres | Nerine, Wedding Gown by Legend Bridal | | Image by Tiree Dawson Photography | Askham Hall Flower Fairies styled shoot |

It’s becoming quite an obsession. I love how unique and creative every dress can be and how versatile the idea is. We’ve created a few dip-dyed wedding dresses now  and the idea can be taken so much further when you’re having your dress made, so here are some ideas of how you can use the dip-dye or ombre effect in your own wedding:

The following images are courtesy of Pinterest. See more on the board here

Embrace colour…

Just look at how beautiful each colour scheme is… have I said already how versatile this idea is? And if you’re not content with just one hue then why not blend your favourite shades and create a rainbow? We’re blown away by Taylor Anne’s Sunset inspired dip dye wedding dress!

Think about fabrics…

Natural fibers are the easiest to dye and most impactful. Silk takes dye beautifully (and immediately) and packs a real colour punch but what if you want a more subtle colour or gradient? Silk tulle can be used to great effect; the open weave of the fabric creating a hazy colour transition. Or what about lace? the different fibers in the design can create some amazing textures

Dip dye fabric BEFORE making the dress…

How dreamy is this effect? touches of blush throughout the design rather than concentrated along the hem. We love both the dreamy princess and edgier mermaid… like I said – versatile!

And what about a reverse dip dye?…

Gorgeous! What more can we say?

How can we help?

Well, If you’d like to incorporate an ombre effect in your wedding dress just let us know in your consultation. We can help you design the perfect colour transition by recommending fabrics, dress shapes and draping techniques to maximise the effect you’re looking for.

What if you already have a dress? Well get in touch; we do take on select creative projects and may be able to help.





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