Victoria + Paul; a tweed wedding for our competition winners

We love Victoria and Paul. If ever there was a couple so utterly made for each other then surely they are it.


So before we get into blogging about Victoria and Paul’s wedding and how much we loved being a part of it we need to tell you that Victoria and Paul were the winners of ZT Photography’s competition that was run earlier in the year. We were very privileged to be able to host a competition where one of our brides (for Legend brides are absolutely the best brides ever) won their wedding photography… yes… won their wedding photography! What an epic prize!

Needless to say, all the images included in this post are courtesy of ZT Photography, and to say that just 4 weeks before their wedding Victoria & Paul had to change all their plans, I think their wedding was AMAZING. (It’s also the reason we were honoured to be able to offer Victoria and Paul get ready at our little shop before the short walk to the registry office).


Victoria and Paul…

We very rarely get to meet our grooms, in fact in the hundreds of brides we’ve helped get ready for their wedding (and thinking about it there have been THOUSANDS of you over the years!) we can count the number of grooms we’ve met on our collective fingers and the grooms we get to actually get to know on one hand. For that reason Victoria and Paul are special.

Not only that, but they are a couple so utterly comfortable in each other and who they are that there is absolutely no question that their wedding is just a celebration of everything they love; they cycle everywhere – so obviously they’re going to turn up to their wedding on bikes, they live in Doc Martens – so Docs get incorporated into their theme (not only in their own attire but their guests are encouraged to wear Docs too), but most importantly, as outdoorsy people, they wanted to feel like themselves in their wedding attire so naturally Tweed was the only option. And I don’t mean a nod to tweed. I mean a full tweed wedding dress! YESSS!!!


We first met Victoria and Paul at the Great Northern Wedding Show. I remember chatting with them on the day and watching our slideshow with them. It was images from this shoot that really sparked their interest and let their imagination run wild. I think it’s safe to say that up until that moment Victoria had pretty much avoided thinking about her wedding dress, dreading searching traditional bridal boutiques for something that felt like her. Once they realized there really was no limit I really think they were able to get excited about their wedding and see how all their plans could come together.

We LOVED working with Vicotoria and Paul on their wedding. We loved bringing in so many personal elements, hand embroidering details and sourcing handmade pewter buttons that carry a lot of meaning for them as a couple.

Victoria’s Bespoke Wedding dress and cape

Paul’s Bespoke Waistcoat

The best part about meeting Victoria and Paul is that we’ve gained new friends. As they traveled up from Milton Keynes together for each fitting their visits turned into catch ups rather than appointments. We got to know more about them as a couple than we generally do. And while we love all our brides we often don’t get the time to sit and have a relaxed conversation over a brew.

Here’s more of a sneak peek into their day…

Thank you Victoria & Paul for being awesome and letting us be a part of your day xx


and a huge thank you to ZT Photography too!




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