Vicky and John’s Boho Stydd Garden Wedding

Vicky and John Stydd Garden Legend Bridal couple

Vicky has to be one of the most fun loving and laid back brides that we have ever had the pleasure to work with and these wedding pictures by Foxley Photography really show the laughter and fun of Vicky and John’s wedding day.

Vicky and John Stydd Garden Legend Bridal smiles

Vicky’s bohemian dream wedding dress looks absolutely amazing on her; completely backless, barely there bodice and full length lace skirt with cut away lining… we really LOVE how Vicky’s dress came together and I’m going to share a little bit of the process with you here as I feel it will help some of you reading this.

There really are no limits. If you can imagine it, we can make it. However that in itself can be daunting. There is a confidence in knowing exactly what you want and being able to describe it down to a ‘T’ but what if you have a bundle of ideas or just know how you want it to make you feel? Well we can help there too. ANYTHING is possible and you don’t have to have a fully formed idea of exactly what you want before coming to us.

Vicky and John Stydd Garden Legend Bridal Married

Vicky knew the aesthetic she was looking for but was struggling to find it in traditional bridal shops and to some extent to describe exactly what she was looking for. The beauty of the process is that the design can evolve and you have complete creative control over the entire process. In our initial consultation, where we discuss ideas and pull everything together we can help you crystalise your ideas. We develop a design and sketch out your ideas and nowhere along the process do we want you to feel pushed or rushed to make decisions. That’s not what we’re about.

Once we think we have a design and you are happy to go ahead we create a toile (mock up in cotton) which is a first step in helping you visualise what your dress might look like and our first step in getting the pattern right. However, if once you have your toile fitting it doesn’t feel quite right it can be changed. Our aim is to give you the dress of your dreams and we understand that ideas evolve. As with Vicky it took three separate toile fittings before we had the design nailed. Only when you are truly happy with the style, shape, fit and fabric choices will we begin making your actual dress.

Vicky and John Stydd Garden Legend Bridal walk

The thing we really love about Vicky and John’s wedding photos is just how carefree the whole day looks. How the ONLY thing that matters is that they are married and enjoying themselves.

Vicky and John Stydd Garden Legend Bridal Rocks

Congratulations guys… here’s to many years of happiness!

Oh, and if by any chance you are in Darwen and fancy picking up a gorgeous vegetarian/vegan lunch then do drop in to Vicky’s store/cafe Freedom Organics

Vicky and John




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