Great to meet you Tattoo Tea Party

It’s been a week since our foray into the tattoo scene with The Tattooed Wedding Collective. A whole week and I’m not sure we’ve properly recovered yet!

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP Nellie Lou Heywood

For those of you who are yet to hear about The Tattooed Wedding Collective let me give you a small introduction… here at Legend we are mad about tattoos. We LOVE em. We’re covered in em. There’s nothing more interesting for us than creating a dress that works with and enhances a brides ink. So it makes sense for us to search out our brides in the places we feel at home.

Now, as much as we love to hang out at tattoo conventions we figured it would be a little bit random to simply turn up to our favourite tattoo show with our wedding dresses, so we chatted over the idea with our friends in the industry and reached out to Marry Me Ink with the idea of a wedding fair within a tattoo convention… and so the Tattooed Wedding Collective was born. Together Legend and Marry Me Ink approached the Tattoo Tea Party with the idea of hosting a wedding fair within their show and after some exciting planning sessions The Tattooed Wedding Collective was real. We gathered together a handful of complimentary businesses and the rest they say is history.

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP 7

So who was the Tattooed Wedding Collective?

Well Legend of course. And although there was no dedicated Marry Me Ink stand you could see Rachael floating about in a Legend dress… in between chatting to you guys and giving out goody bags of course.

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP Rachael

ZT Photography

All the images in this post were taken by Zo and Liam of ZT Photography. We’ve worked with these guys many times over the years and each time Zo has a little more ink. Here’s where you can find more about them…

Sonara Parker MUA

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP Rachael 5

We love Sonara – and her tattoo plans, like our own, are never ending… no sooner is one sleeve finished than the other is planned. Sonara and her team did an amazing job making over our models throughout the weekend – dream team!

Kokino Salon

Stuart at Kokino is the guy to see if you love alternative colouring, cutting and styling. The styles he created for our models throughout the weekend were amazing and his use of feathers just so inspiring. He even managed to squeeze in getting a tattoo… now that’s a guy after our own hearts!

Paragon Floral Design

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP Paragon

You see this raven? This is just a glimpse into the tablescape Lisa and Kate created for The Tattooed Wedding Collective. You had to see it to believe it! We LOVE Kate and Lisa for their original design and creative ideas – definitely THE event florists to go to.

Unity Ceremonies

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP Unity Ceremonies

Liz will help you shred the rule book on the traditional ‘insert name here’ wedding ceremony. It was so hard to find a celebrant when I got married nearly 12 years ago – If only Liz had been there then to help us with our handfasting. We’re so pleased we’re able to recommend her to our brides.

Debbie Gillespie Cake Design

Debbie’s Harry Potter cake was a definite show stealer, and the gothic one, and the tattoo one, and the watercolour one, yeah they were all gorgeous. In fact, I don’t think Debbie had a moment without any attention… her cake designs were so easy to see and really pulled people across the floor.

Fruit Bat Textiles

These nutters traveled all the way from Somerset to join the Tattooed Wedding Collective and we’re so pleased they did. Charlotte’s hand weaving, dying and millinery is simply gorgeous. I think Rachel bought one of every type of clip and Zo covets one of the glitter beret’s. You can buy directly from their website too :)

Art for soles customised shoes

Leanne’s customised shoes and accessories are crazy cool. They’re fun, quirky and unique with hand made embellishments that really set them apart. I think we all came away with some hair slides and earrings… it’s just too tempting!

Legend Bridal Designs

And as for us? Well, we took a handful of our best girls and a whole host of our favourite dresses (including several new designs) and with the help of Sonara and Stuart made our models over into edgy, carefree and free spirited brides. It’s pretty safe to say our girls were amazing… mixing and attracting a lot of attention in each of their dresses. In fact I hope it was actually quite fun getting to pick which dress to wear next before heading out to get involved in the various attractions. Thanks ladies – you are amazing!

Here are a few images from our little sortie with the bumper cars.

Legend Bridal Tattoo Tea Party Tattooed Wedding Collective MMI ZTP 3

You can bet the Tattooed Wedding Collective is going to grow. We already have plans to bring new businesses together to link up with like minded couples looking to plan their weddings. If you’re a business looking to get involved in future events please do get in touch and we’ll let you in on our plans



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