We’ve been quiet but look at everything we’ve been up to…

You know we’re busy right? The ‘I don’t even have time to check my shirt is on the right way out’ kinda busy. The ‘I’m placing orders twice because I’d rather have 2 than find out I didn’t order any’ kinda busy. The kinda busy where if a job takes more than 30 seconds to complete and isn’t directly connected to a brides order it simply gets added to the ever increasing ‘to do’ list.

I bleat on about it ALL the time. I feel like I’m constantly harping on about how little time there is in a day or the things I’ve yet to do… or maybe I don’t? I realise that even though I have this constant monologue going on in my head, very rarely does it leek out. And instead of telling you guys how crazy busy we are, or how our appointments are booked up for several weeks or that we’re not taking any more orders for this summer, it simply looks like we’ve gone quiet. Because writing a blog post takes time. And time feels like an ever decreasing commodity.

As a result several weeks have passed since our last update and I’m scared by how quickly April, never mind March has flown by. So much has happened in that time that I don’t know where to start in keeping you up to date.

The wedding season is well and truly in full swing. That said we have managed to somehow squeeze in creating new collection dresses, several shows and catwalks and the odd photoshoot too! The task now is to share them all on here.

To give you a little glimpse of what’s in store here are a few of the things we’re going to share over the next few weeks:

Real weddings:


Steampunk at Holmes Mill

Tattoo Tea Party

Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

Great Northern Wedding Show



At Holmes Mill with Stella Photography

Woodland Fairy

Coming soon… with Marmalade Toast

Parisian Elopement

Coming soon… with Tiree Dawson

I fell in love with Disco

Coming soon… wit Tiree Dawson

We’ve met so many new people over the last few weeks that we hope these little glimpses of what we’ve been up to will spark your interest and explain some of why we’ve been so quiet on both facebook and instagram

So what do you want to see first?




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