7 ways to love your wedding dress after your wedding day

We receive a lot of questions about this very topic; Legend brides wanting to know the best way to care for their dress, and also from others wanting to know if we’d buy their dress from them to sell on (Spoiler alert: the answer is no btw). There are actually lots of options other than storing or selling your dress… here are 7 different ideas for you to consider. 1.    Have a cherish/trash the dress shoot It’s a shame to only wear your dress once. Why not book a fun creative shoot with your photographer for a more relaxed and playful set of pictures? You don’t have to trash your dress but we do LOVE this awesome trash the dress shoot with ZT Photography’s and their bride Amanda… “Like all brides I knew my dress as soon as I tried it on. Of course I felt like a million dollars on our wedding day but at the same time a little sad that it would be its only outing. When I said I wanted to trash my dress most people didn’t approve but I would rather celebrate my dress than vac pack it and store it in the cold, dark Continue Reading →

Why we don’t quote on someone else’s design

We’ve been busy of late filling our blog with our real brides and photoshoots and just LOVE seeing what details inspire you and spark your interest. Today we’re doing something a little bit different and doing a bit of a general information post. A lot of you come to us because you can’t find exactly what you want or have ideas and know we’ll be able to put them together for you. We encourage everyone to do their research, both into the styles you like and the details you want to incorporate into your design, but also so that you know what is out there. Everyone has a different idea of their perfect dress, and sometimes you don’t know what your perfect dress might look like until you’ve been out and had a look; either by visiting various boutiques and designers or from trawling Pinterest and Instagram. This might sound bizarre, but if on your travels you fall in love with a dress and you know it’s THE ONE… buy it! It’s plagiarism You might really like us and want to support our business and to be a Legend bride but if your perfect dress already exists and hangs on Continue Reading →

2016 is set to be a doozy!

If the first few days are anything to go by, then 2016 is already shaping up to be pretty amazing! We’ve had a restful and well earned Christmas break filled with loads of laughs and the odd tipple. We’ve spent the time around the dinner table looking back over the year we’ve just had and can’t believe just how much we’ve achieved, just how amazing and creative our brides are and more than anything just how quickly the year seemed to fly by! We’re also really excited by everything we have coming up in 2016 (and is it too early to be excited by 2017 too?). Looking at our order book we have some unbelievable wedding dresses to sink our teeth into (… if only we could spill the beans on this years brides!) and we’ve signed up for some really special events and photoshoots. Argh! it’s just too exciting! We are so looking forward to everything 2016 has to offer. As always we LOVE to see our brides on their wedding day; If you are one of our brides and you haven’t yet sent us pictures of your big day please do – we would love to see pictures Continue Reading →

It’s officially looking a lot like Christmas

We’re a little bit giddy here at Legend. Dare I say it? We are actually closed now until the 4th January! Two whole weeks! That feels a little bit weird. We have purposely kept this 2 weeks clear as it is effectively our summer holiday. It feels a little bit odd – having worked 6 (sometimes 7) days a week throughout the year and in the peak of summer somehow managing 90 hour weeks – this is a well earned rest. That said, we’re not going anywhere. We are home with our families and spending time with those people we haven’t caught up with for months. We will be checking our emails and replying as we get a chance so please do feel free to get in touch if you want to make an appointment for the new year. We’d love to hear from you.   The images are taken from a shoot we did last year at Hipping Hall with Tiree Dawson Photography. It always feels really Christmasy looking back on these pictures; a luxurious winter theme split into day and night… and that Star by Typical Type!

Here’s to our models…

The crazy girls who say yes to our silly ideas, who suffer inhuman poses ‘in the name of art’ and endure bitter weather conditions to help us get the perfect shot. Our gorgeous girls that hold their breath, squeeze their muscles and clench their buttocks to maintain a pose long enough for the conditions to be right. Who balance candles in the palms of their hands while hyperaware that hot wax could drip onto the dress and lie on stone cold floors or in frozen lakes because that’s what the brief requires. Here’s to our girls, who allow us to primp and preen them to within an inch of their lives; let us backcomb their hair into a birds nest and apply makeup they could never imagine themselves wearing; who let us dress them in all manner of outfits without a hint of bemusement and ask them to walk in shoes we wouldn’t attempt to wear ourselves. You girls rock! We are only too aware of what we ask of you; it’s a hard job and a long day and you girls are amazing… Thank you! IMAGE CREDITS… please see specific image for photographer details. Included: Tiree Dawson Photography ZT Continue Reading →

How to get the bespoke wedding dress of your dreams

So, it’s time to look for the perfect wedding dress and you just don’t think that the perfect dress for you is out there. We feel you! Choosing your wedding dress is a big part of planning your wedding and a huge emotional roller coaster. There’s a lot to think about when you’re wedding dress shopping, and there’s another layer of questions when you consider going down the bespoke route. We have been designing and creating wedding dresses for over 10 years and have faced every possible question and worry. Here are our top tips to choosing the right designer for you, developing the right design and being confident in your choices, and how to enjoy and get the most from your fittings. How to choose a designer… Do your research and know their work: Look at the previous work of your designer – the wedding dresses they share will give you an idea of the styles they have loved creating and the fabrics they love working with. Are you drawn to their style and creativity? Have a conversation: Do you find them easy to talk to? It is important you feel comfortable with your designer, and confident that they Continue Reading →

One of THE most difficult questions for us to answer

There is one question we get asked by every bride. It’s a very reasonable question. Absolutely necessary in fact. It’s one that is difficult to answer; and actually there isn’t one answer. It’s different every time and depends on so many different factors. It’s always one of the first few questions too, right after deciding you like what we do and right before asking about prices… and it comes in several guises… How long does it take? When will it be ready? How long do you need? Do you have time? How soon do I need to order? It’s easy to understand that the design will govern how many hours we physically spend working on your wedding dress: the more complicated the design, the more hours we need to spend. Years of creating bespoke wedding dresses shows us that on the average we spend between 30 and 120 hours actually sewing each dress. In reality however this is only part of the consideration and will depend on both our schedule and yours.   How long does it take? … Well how long have we got? The easy answer is that we work towards your wedding date. Once we have finalised Continue Reading →