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Tattooed Wedding Collective take over Scarborough Tattoo Convention

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Last weekend we took a mighty road trip to Scarborough to be part of the Tattooed Wedding Collective at Scarborough Tattoo Show; a group of like minded, heavily tattooed wedding professionals bringing all things wedding to a tattoo convention. It’s just one of the alternative arenas we like to get involved with, and one where all three of us (Rachel, Tracy and myself) all manage to attend. It sounds like a crazy idea, but what better way to spend your weekend than on a beautiful coastline in the glorious sunshine, with our favourite people, showing couples they can have their cake and eat it, oh and getting tattooed ourselves as well! Win win I say.

We also took the time to have some photo shoots with our amazing models Sam and Katy who gave up their weekend to come and play with us. Several times throughout the weekend they could be found on the beach with Rachael (Marry Me Ink) and Andy (Peacock Obscura). The shoots warrant a blog of their own so I’m just going to share a few images here before showing you the rest of the weekend…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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It’s fair to say we didn’t know what to expect when we rocked up to the Spa. It’s not a venue or event we’d been to before, but what a beautiful venue – and our view from the sun lounge, past the bandstand was straight out to sea. We had packed pretty much the entire shop and all 11 mannequins (who knew we had 11!?!) and set ourselves up to chat to loads of beautiful tattooed brides-to-be… and what a fantastic weekend it was.

We started the Tattooed Wedding Collective to bring together the businesses that celebrate the tattoo culture and want couples to embrace their ink rather than cover it up. As such it’s a no-brainer to work with Rachael of Marry Me Ink on these events

Marry Me Ink – Rachael Urquhart

Legend Bridal Marry Me Ink Tattooed wedding collective_0010

Peacock Obscura – Andy

All the images in this blog were taken by Andy… this guy knows his stuff – and doesn’t know how to put his camera down! When he wasn’t making us laugh he was away taking photos (or getting tattooed).

Legend Bridal Peacock Obscura Tattooed wedding collective_0005

Kokino Hair – Stuart

This guy is multi-talented. Stuart loves to create bold colourful hair styles and is responsible for both mine and Rachel’s multicolour barnets, but he is also a master of an updo

Legend Bridal Kokino Tattooed wedding collective_0190

Scarborough Tattoo Show

If you’ve ever wondered what a tattoo show is, its a way to find new artists and get tattooed by people that are normally too far away. Its a way to explore new talent and find the right artist for your ideal style. Scarborough is a fantastic event, well run, relaxed and well worth the trip

More than one of us took the opportunity to get tattooed too. Rachael chose EMJAY tattoo for some delicate dotwork and Andy came away with ‘Best small black and grey’ for his iguana tattoo by the super talented Sean Guthrie

And after flexing her tattoo muscles on Rachel, Sam AND Stuart, the gorgeous Maddison Magic put our Nyx dress on for a couple of photos… we are in love!

All in all a fantastic weekend…

Keep an eye out for the second part all about the shoots xx






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