First floor 12 Queen Street,
Great Harwood, BB6 7DD
01254 889812

Legend Bridal Designs

Legend Bridal has a new home in Great Harwood

WE’VE DONE IT! It’s taken various attempts and some serious coordination, but we have moved premises! All appointments, from this point on, will be at our new address!

We have packed up and abandoned our cute little terraced house on Strawberry Bank and traded up for an awesome Grade II listed building in the heart of Great Harwood.

2017-08-31 19.22.06

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot to do! Moving before wedding season is over was never going to be easy, but the important things are in place; our showroom is starting to look like a showroom and our sewing studio is beginning to take shape, but most importantly all our brides’ dresses and accessories are safely homed in their new abode. We may not have a sign or a window cleaner yet, but we have space and a home for everything!

So, what’s the low down?

1: our new address is as follows…

Upper floors, 12 Queen Street

Great Harwood


2: We’re on the first floor…

It’s worth noting that there is a flight of stairs to get to our studio. We’re aware this isn’t ideal for everyone but they’re shallow and wide and actually quite easy to climb – even if you have a pram with you (and we’ve definitely tested that theory by carrying our industrial machines to the top floor!)

3: Our front door ISN’T actually on Queen Street…

Our address is Queen Street, however access to our studio is at the side of the building on Town Hall Square next to the town hall and facing the clock tower. As an added bonus I LOVE being on eye level with the clock tower in the new showroom, framed by rooftops and rolling hills!

4: All parking is free…

Great Harwood has to be the ONLY town ever that has no parking charges! We are lucky to have 2 car parks within a stones throw; the closest is accessed from Commercial Road and is literally across the town square, the second is next to the original factory shop accessed from Game Street. In addition, if you’re just dropping in to pick up your dress, then you are free to pull up on the town square right outside our door!

great harwood

5: We are still appointment only…

We pride ourselves in being able to give you our undivided attention. To do that we need to make sure you have the space to discuss your dress without interruption. This is also how we ensure we’re ready for you. We design and create everything ourselves on site. We sew every stitch ourselves and this takes time, time that we need to be able to plan, hence an appointment is essential.

6: We will be having an open day…

We have been inundated by well wishes and are really humbled by everyone’s support. We’d love to welcome our neighbours, friends in the industry and brides past and future to have a nosey once we’re all set up and recovered from the busy wedding season and relocation. We’re yet to put any plans in place but you can be sure you’ll be the first to know!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our new studio!

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  • Laura Ward
    22nd September 2017

    Great to see you have got new premises. are we still on for tomorrow at 1pm? I will bring my sisters dress and pics of a few ideas i have.
    Hope to see you tomorrow.


  • 4th November 2017

    Shame I’m not closer

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