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Super massive update; new home, new website, awesome events

Firstly – where did the last 6 months go?! Even in our busiest months last year I managed to update the blog every week. I had a Sunday ritual where I would make myself a beautiful fresh ground coffee (caffeine is my arch nemesis – nectar of the gods and spawn of satan all in one and therefore reserved for lazy Sunday mornings), ensconce myself on the sofa with the laptop and tap away until my husband emerges from the depths of sleep and my caffeine infused brain bombards him a myriad of rubbish. So it’s quite a surprise this morning to finally log on and realise my last blog post was in November… a whole 5 months ago!

To say the last 6 months has been an absolute whirlwind is an understatement. In fact I think it’s more accurate to describe it as a tornado – yes, much more fitting. When I look back and compare where we are now with where we were 6 months ago there is absolutely no resemblance. It’s as if a force of nature ripped through everything, but instead of leaving us with a wake of destruction just blew away the things that were holding us back.

The move to Great Harwood has been the best decision EVER!

Seriously! It’s been a hard slog. A nerve-wracking decision, but the best decision we ever made. We loved our little terraced house on Strawberry Bank. It was cute. It had loads of character and charm and many of our brides loved it’s quirkiness… but it was seriously too small. We have now gone to the other extreme – or so we thought. We have so much space now – so much light and room for several of us to work without getting in each others way and it’s SO much nicer to work in! When we first moved in we thought it would take years for us to fill the space but you know what? We are using every inch! We look around and wonder how we squeezed everything into that little 2 up 2 down.

There has been a lot to do – spending almost every hour down there decorating/organising and making everything ready to see our brides. Luckily we could pretty much move straight into the top floor sewing rooms – organise the space and put hanging rails up and we were good to go (I make it sound so simple). But the showrooms and fitting rooms have taken a bit more work. On the plus side there is so much space that we have been able to work on one room at a time AND be able to meet brides for consultations and fittings. And now, well, we LOVE it!

We launched a new website!

It was well overdue an update. But like everything else, we do it ourselves. Gluttons for punishment or what? It was one of those things where it felt easier to do ourselves than spend hours asking for things to be tweaked and changed. The downside is it’s still in progress – of course it seems everything else takes priority. So we will keep chipping away adding dresses to our collection and real brides to our bespoke section and please do let us know if you spot anything that isn’t working. But I’m LOVING all the new features; like galleries for each bride and the possibility to credit the photographer straight out. The swishy contact pull-out and the responsiveness on every device (we think?)

We now have Legend Bridal Alterations too…

For years we have only shared our bespoke work, but there is another arm to our business. We understand that the bespoke process isn’t for everyone and that our collections are not to everyone’s taste. That’s totally fine. It’s OK to buy your dress elsewhere and bring it to us for alterations. In fact, this side of our business has grown so much it now requires it’s own organisation and everything. So, new website coming soon…

wedding dress alterations by Legend Bridal

We held our open day

And what a fantastic day it was! We decided to open our doors to everyone to come and have a nosy without the pressure of having to make an appointment. Not only were people free to come and say hi and take a look at our new showroom and collection, but they were free to go up to the sewing rooms and see actually where the dresses are made. We’ve had such good feedback from this that we’re considering opening the doors like this once a year. I know I love seeing where people work, but I think it actually brings to life how we design and create everything ourselves on site.

We were delighted that our real brides Jen, Emma and Kerry could join us on the day and parade round in their wedding dresses. We have such a lovely time getting to know our brides that it’s almost sad when they get married and the visits (yes visits, not fittings) stop. These girls ROCK and were even up for a little fun on the Town Square – even nearly getting on the bus!

We were also proud to have our friends at Q-ale Bar Hire there to make sure everyone was well queched!

Holmes Mill Vintage Circus Wedding Fair

We were excited to be invited along to the Vintage Wedding Circus at Holmes Mill. We always love our time at Holmes Mill and Rachel and Zoe just loved the vibe and getting to meet loads of new brides

The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

As always the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza was an amazing weekend. This time though we had even less time to get to know our fellow exhibitors as you guys kept us SO busy. The show was over 2 days – the Saturday we took 3 of our models for the model showcase and on the Sunday we took 3 of our real brides. We are exceptionally proud of our ladies – not only for being beautiful human beings but also for making the effort for us; to drive 2 hours and show up in that horrendous snow is dedication. To parade around in dresses designed for warmer weather and get involved in everything, well you girls are AMAZING and we couldn’t hope for better friends and brides.

Saturday – Images by Jay Emme of Becca, Rachel and Rachel

Sunday – unofficial images of Real Brides Jen, Ali and Becky

Bashall Barn Open Evening

We LOVE Bashall Barn – it has everything! Loads of character, AMAZING views, exquisite food and a brilliant team. So when we were invited to be part of their open evening we jumped at the chance. We very often dial down our alternative side for this kind of thing but we know that Bashall Barn love our quirkiness so we decided to embrace it and put our gorgeous model Becky in our black Nyx gown… I’m so pleased we did. We were fortunate to have the crazy talented Nala and Knot lending their hair and makeup skills and the brilliant Paul of Gingerbeard Weddings on hand for an impromptu photoshoot. The pictures speak for themselves…

River Mills Ballroom Wedding Fair

River Mills Ballroom is a new wedding venue based in Selby and we had an amazing time at their first ever wedding fair the other week. We didn’t quite know what to expect – you never do for a first event, but knowing that Jaye of Tux & Tales and April of Kook Events were organising the day, we knew it would be a huge success. We had an awesome day, spoke to loads of engaged couples and most interestingly for us on this occasion, got to actually meet a lot of the businesses we’ve been stalking on Instagram – there’s nothing better than meeting the people behind the brand. (Images by The Rebel Voyage hair and makeup by Natalie Willingham MUA)

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OMG we’re so behind with our updates! The more I think about what we’ve been up to these last few months the more I realise how fast paced everything has been. It’s really exciting – almost too exciting to look back over the last couple of months. I’m not even going to mention the shoots we’ve been involved with over recent months. We’ll leave that until the images are release. Hopefully I’ll also get time to go back and revisit some of the events listed above to give you a better idea of what we get up to, but for now we hope to see you or hear from you soon cc




  • Barbara Thornber
    9th April 2018

    Hi, do you make Ball gowns? IT is in June, Not sure what i want can you help? Thank you. Barbara i just love your work….

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