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Give yourself a break

This is a bit of an unusual post for me and one I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s not about a styled shoot or pictures from a real wedding. It’s not about events we’ve been to or things we’ve been up to. It’s been building in the back of my mind for a while and I’ve debated many times whether to share my thoughts on the subject. I’ve noticed over the years that no matter how different we are, we are all the same. We all worry about being judged. About coming across as something other than we want to portray. We all do it and I’ve noticed how easy it is to put ourselves down.

I guess there’s something about the fittings process that makes us feel more vulnerable. We as humans are so conditioned to be judged that we apologise for the most trivial things. I’ve become hyper aware of it, and as we are catapulted into wedding season I can feel myself starting to feel sad about the constant minor criticisms we berate ourselves with… you owe no apologies!

We (Legend) are here to make you feel a million dollars. Our only role in life is to help you feel wonderful; it’s our mission; to create a gown that makes you look in the mirror and feel amazing. We all have our hang ups, but I’ve never been so aware of the constant reproaches and I want you to know that there’s no need to feel less than your amazing bad ass self with us!

Sometimes, before we’ve even said ‘hey, how’s it going?’ you’re already apologizing for having come straight from work or not having had time to do your makeup! How silly does that sound when you write it down?

Before we’ve taken your dress off the hanger you’re apologizing for not wearing matching underwear… really? Who does?! I’m lucky if my pants are on the right way out!

And sorry about the sexy Spanx… You’re apologizing for feeling more comfortable in Spanx? Heaven knows we all have body issues and that flesh coloured cocoon does wonders for our self-esteem. And in truth we don’t even notice – We’re too busy trying to make sure you don’t fall over as you step in to your dress.

Don’t look at the chipped nail polish!… chipped nail varnish is totally a valid lifestyle choice right?


You apologise for taking our time, for not being cool enough, for deliberating over something or heaven forbid for having an opinion! Why are you apologizing?

Why ARE you apologizing?


You are allowed to take our time – this is why we’re here.

Who says what is cool enough? – you are you… that’s cool enough for us.

You are allowed to have an opinion – in fact it’s essential!

Who cares if you’re wearing matching undies? Is that even a thing?

And in all honesty, we don’t even see the things you’re apologizing for. We REALLY don’t.

In truth we’re too busy analyzing whether hems are straight, and seams are lying flat, whether the bust fits properly and you can dance the night away. Oh – and personally I’m totally dodging the mirrors in case I catch a glimpse of my grown-out roots and flushed cheeks.

Give yourself a break!

Images were taken by Paul AKA Gingerbeard Weddings at Bashall Barn Opening evening with assistance from Sam Williams Flowers and gorgeous festoons from Typical Type. Nala & Knot were also amazing on hair and makeup duties for our model Becky who is wearing Nyx.



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    12th April 2018

    this is a nice read! perfect for everyone!

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