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wedding anniverasry with Modern Map Art

Looking at the stars on our wedding anniversary with Modern Map Art

So this is a new type of post for Legend. Up until now everything we’ve shared with you has been about us; a new dress we’ve designed, a glimpse into one of our brides real weddings, a shoot we’ve been a part of or some other piece of news we’ve been itching to share with you. You could say that we’re quite self obsessed, but really we’ve just not known where to start in showing you all the awesome ideas and businesses we meet on a daily basis, but that’s going to change…

A few weeks ago we were approached by a company called Modern Map Art to ask if we would like to review their Star Maps. Well, their timing couldn’t have been better – mine and my husbands anniversary was coming up and this was exactly what I was looking for!

We’ve now been married 13 years and together 21 years. In that time we’ve shared quite a few gifts and we always try and find something special. I LOVED the idea of mapping out the stars on the night of our wedding. Of all the things that change in our lifetime the stars are constant and being able to look at the night sky that was above us as we said our vows to each other is really special… so of course I accepted!

anniversary gift, the night sky on our wedding

I went for an all black background (naturally) and opted to have the constellations marked out… I would recommend this for anyone considering getting a Star Map. The print is exceptional quality – the clarity is phenomenal and the depth of the black insanely matt. You can customise your print in any number of ways, adding text that has meaning for you and names and dates. As you can see I kept it simple:

The Night Sky

As long as there are stars above you and longer if I can

May 8th 2005

I have LOVED working out the names of the stars and have since paid closer attention to the skies at night. The first one I discovered was Draco (although there are many more well known constellations that you might be able to point out) and I now know that Draco is circumpolar i.e. that it can be seen all night every night in northern latitudes – how cool is that? It’s hard not to get sentimental when you look at it and now that we have this Star Map as a guide we can’t help but check out the night sky to see if the stars are aligned.

It’s safe to say this is now a much treasured piece of art in our home. We love it so much that we’re already planning to get them for gifts. I can’t imagine anyone not loving the idea.

If you’re interested in your own Star Map take a look here

Thank you Jennifer for offering to send us a Star Map – we LOVE it xx

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