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Legend Bridalat Scarborough with Maddison Magic Tattoo

Epic times at Scarborough Tattoo Show

This was the second time we joined Scarborough Tattoo Show with The Tattooed Wedding Collective, but what is it all about?

As you know we have a fair few tattoos between us; we love the creativity and expression that brings. We love that our brides share our interests and are drawn to us because of it. We love how more and more of our couples have amazing ink, but we also notice that a crazy number try to cover it on their wedding day. There is a mind-boggling number of people who believe it’s unladylike to show tattoos on your wedding day, and well, we don’t agree. So we want to rally our tattooed wedding professional friends round to show you that’s not true.

We created a wedding fair within the convention

Our favourite tattoo loving wedding professionals were there with us doing their thing. We also decided to style 3 alternative wedding scenes and invite our friends in the industry to get involved: scroll down for a list of everyone involved and links to their websites and social media profiles… there’s some serious talent in this little lot so please do take the time to check everyone out…

Scene 1: Floral Memento Mori

Dark Celestial

Oyster Mermaid

How much gorgeous? Here is a full list of everyone involved:

We had so much fun chatting to so many of you; whether you were getting married or not. It was lovely to see some of you had traveled to Scarborough specifically to see us and more so to find there were quite a few tattooists planning their own weddings. A recurring theme of the weekend though, was that people hadn’t realised that there were options for them and were even stuck trying to choose between the themes. I lost count over the weekend of the number of people who had decided not to get married because they couldn’t imagine a wedding that they would feel comfortable with and THAT is everything. It’s OK for us, in our wedding filled bubble, to see that anything is possible, but if you’re not immersed in the wedding industry and you’re on the outside of mainstream aesthetics then you would have no idea to turn to places like Marry Me Ink for inspiration. In that respect the weekend was a huge success.

We also took our models to the beach…

The thing about being surrounded by people on your wavelength is that suggestions get made and ideas escalate. Our little shoot, where perhaps we’ll take the girls outside, turned into ‘I’ve seen an amazing graffiti wall in the town center’ and ‘how awesome would it be to get images FROM the sea?’ and ‘who’s up for getting in the water?!’


And more than that we get to spend a weekend hanging out with our tribe! Working yes, but also catching up and sharing stories, getting tattooed and generally getting some R&R in before the wedding season hits proper.

Heartfelt thanks to our gorgeous models (in order of appearance) – Katy, Becky, Warren, Rachel and Maddison


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