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The Vintage Suit Hire Co now at Legend Bridal – now your men folk can join the party!

So here we are, at the end of July and totally submersed and rolling with, the most exciting, emotional, rewarding and actually the busiest season of the wedding year….Yes we’re busy busy busy, but not too busy to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of where we are and to share our exciting news with you.

Here at Legend, we are all about happy unions, the coming together of like minds, soul mates, the ‘meant to be together’ crowd (just like Zoie and Rob in our header image – full real wedding blog to follow). Well we have our own perfect union to announce and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

As you know our sole purpose and passion is to provide our brides with the way to adorn and express themselves in all their uniqueness on their perfect day. We just love that creative process that ends with our brides dreams coming to life. However we recognise that while we can do this for our amazing Brides, their bridesmaids, mums, aunties and grandmas, there is a void for grooms, groomsmen, dad, uncles and granddads who are looking for a way to rock their own look that fits with the quirky and wondrous weddings we are a part of creating.

To this end, we are ecstatic to announce that we are now working in partnership with The Vintage Suit hire Company. And as of Wednesday 1st August you will be able to buy or hire suits with us at Legend ready for weddings from October onwards. We think this is a match made in heaven.

The Vintage Suit Hire Company North West

Jessica and Tom, the founders of The Vintage Suit Hire Company, are our kind of people. They have a passion for individuality and creative expression, and offer the best in design and quality all the way. These are truly gifted designers who offer the men in any wedding party the chance to dress formally but with a difference that stands out from the crowd, or to take a more relaxed and alternative approach while still creating that ‘I am getting married’ kind of look. They offer the best in cut, design and fabrics with that special element of quirk that is then added to with ties in fabulous florals, braces, boots and fob watches, as well as loads of gorgeous extras to individualise your look with pins and watch chains and all manner of loveliness.

Amazingly they have three ways to go, which means you can buy and ‘own your own’ you can take this to the limit and have that suit ‘made to measure’ or you can hire. This gives amazing flexibility for your wedding party, and we have to say, we think the prices are astonishingly good, especially when we consider the calibre and look of these suits. Please do check out their website and Instagram………..see for yourself and read the testimonials from their happy grooms.

Vintage Suit Hire Instagram

We had been watching them and loving their look for some time, little did we know that they were watching us and loving what we do too. So when they made contact with us we were delighted to meet up and not a bit surprised to find that we are kindred spirits with the same aims, ethos and ideals for future couples. So here we are, with a brand new room dedicated solely to Grooms and their lovely male supporters. Where you can see the Vintage Suit Hire collection in all its glory and try the pieces on to find the perfect fit.

You can book an appointment through The Vintage Suit Hire website or directly with us here at Legend… or 01254889812

Here is a glimpse of our men’s lounge… we haven’t got pictures of the finished article together yet but we couldn’t wait to share the beginnings with you. We’ll update you with more pictures ASAP

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