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Celestial Gypsy Wedding Inspiration with Emilie May Photography

“moon dust in your lungs
stars in your eyes
you are a child of the cosmos
and ruler of the skies”

I’ve started this paragraph a million times and each version has been unceremoniously deleted. I’m too mesmerised by the images to form a proper introduction. All I know is that we are IN LOVE with how this shoot turned out… and I know that you agree! – Instagram tells me so!

So how did this shoot come about? Well, 2 very important things happened…

  1. We have been wanting to create a dark celestial dress for some time. We’re talking years! literally years! and finally one of our fabric suppliers added the most amazing black glitter tulle to their portfolio which was perfect for our ideas. As soon as we saw it we immediately ordered a whole roll. Forget just ordering the number of meters we would actually need to create a dress… we knew we would be using it a LOT. Like a whole lot. Like forever… in fact we’ve already placed 2 more orders!
  2. Emilie May Photography got in touch with an invitation to be part of this shoot. The idea was perfect for our dress ideas and included the most amazing team. Almost like Emilie had been listening in on our dress ideas and getting the team together just for us. Seriously, the stars aligned on this shoot!

Celestial weddings are definitely a hot theme in the wedding scene at the minute; but rather than heavenly and angelic this shoot has a more omniscient and unearthly feel to it. It’s bold and magnificent and the luxurious use of colours is simply divine.

So before we take a closer look at the dresses I want to introduce you to the team involved in bringing these ideas together. check out their pages and show them some love:

And now for the dresses…


Zorya in mythology terms are auroras and often depicted as 2 beings. Here we have Zorya Vechernjaja or Evening Star, mother of stars and protector or lost travelers. Needless to say Zorya Utrennjaja our Ivory Morning Star is also available.


Larissa was the wife of Poseidon in Greek Mythology and a moon of Neptune.

Shown here as a 2 piece it can be made as a single garment.

How much gorgeous can one shoot give? Needless to say I think we’ll be sharing a lot of this shoot.

It’s already made it to Rock n Roll Bride

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