New Year… and all the new things!

I’ve been really bad at keeping you updated – more so than usual I think. Part of that is that we’ve been so busy but also that the ‘to do’ list is so crazy long that I have been starting tasks; realising I need to do something first, getting caught up in that, then worrying that it’s not ‘complete’ enough to share and adding another 5 things to my list. A never ending circle! So here is a really quick overview about some of the bigger things… We are currently building a new website. It should be super easy for you to get a better idea of what we do – proper galleries HOORAY! This festive break was supposed to be the big opportunity to get on with it but you know how these projects escalate. So until we’re ready to launch the new website the updates on here are going to be minimal. The best way to keep up with us for the short term is probably Instagram and Facebook as we will be making more of an effort to share our daily antics on there. In the mean time there are some upcoming events that we want to Continue Reading →