New Year… and all the new things!

I’ve been really bad at keeping you updated – more so than usual I think. Part of that is that we’ve been so busy but also that the ‘to do’ list is so crazy long that I have been starting tasks; realising I need to do something first, getting caught up in that, then worrying that it’s not ‘complete’ enough to share and adding another 5 things to my list. A never ending circle! So here is a really quick overview about some of the bigger things… We are currently building a new website. It should be super easy for you to get a better idea of what we do – proper galleries HOORAY! This festive break was supposed to be the big opportunity to get on with it but you know how these projects escalate. So until we’re ready to launch the new website the updates on here are going to be minimal. The best way to keep up with us for the short term is probably Instagram and Facebook as we will be making more of an effort to share our daily antics on there. In the mean time there are some upcoming events that we want to Continue Reading →

When work means playing in the sand in Scarborough

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Racheal of Marry Me Ink for lunch, and as we sat there discussing The Tattooed Wedding Collective (among other things), I realised that as we hurtled into wedding season we didnt get round tosharing the mini shoots from Scarborough Tattoo Show. Some of you may be aware that we have teamed up with Rachael to create the Tattooed Wedding Collective – a bunch of wedding suppliers crazy about tattoos trying to encourage you guys to embrace your ink on your wedding day. As part of this we are getting involved in a few Tattoo events (Tattoo Tea Party and Scarborough) bringing these crazy fools to you… because who really enjoys a traditional wedding fair? It was while we were at Scarborough Tattoo Show; working with Andy of Peacock Obscura and Stuart of Kokino, that we took the opportunity to whisk our models way for 3 mini shoots: I’m going to let the images speak for themselves… Staring out to see… Light and Dark: This set is used to show our Bellatrix gown in both ivory and black… Vintage seaside… And then, possibly my favourite images from the weekend…   Save Save Continue Reading →

Legend Bridal has a new home in Great Harwood

WE’VE DONE IT! It’s taken various attempts and some serious coordination, but we have moved premises! All appointments, from this point on, will be at our new address! We have packed up and abandoned our cute little terraced house on Strawberry Bank and traded up for an awesome Grade II listed building in the heart of Great Harwood. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot to do! Moving before wedding season is over was never going to be easy, but the important things are in place; our showroom is starting to look like a showroom and our sewing studio is beginning to take shape, but most importantly all our brides’ dresses and accessories are safely homed in their new abode. We may not have a sign or a window cleaner yet, but we have space and a home for everything! So, what’s the low down? 1: our new address is as follows… Upper floors, 12 Queen Street Great Harwood BB6 7QQ 2: We’re on the first floor… It’s worth noting that there is a flight of stairs to get to our studio. We’re aware this isn’t ideal for everyone but they’re shallow and wide and actually quite easy to Continue Reading →

Nothing compares to you!

What else would we call this shoot? When our good friend Stacey decided to ‘Brave the Shave‘ for Macmillan we knew we needed to celebrate how awesome that makes her. I know I would really struggle to lose my hair – it’s such a comfort blanket. So much of your personality is tied up in your hair. To choose to do it, when you’re known for your gorgeous thick brunette tresses is massive. On a different scale, to lose your hair involuntarily, must be one of the hardest things and why Brave the Shave is such an important cause… Nothing compares to you! To pay tribute to Stacey’s newly shaved head we teamed up with Becky (aka The Rebel Voyage) and Emily of team Sonara Parker and made our way up to the moors above Darwen. The purpose of this shoot? To show that hair doesn’t make the bride. Sure, your hair is an expression of your identity and your look is what gives most people confidence but, (and this may sound controversial) it is overwhelming how common it is for brides in general to be ‘growing their hair for their wedding’ and actually quite frequently to become more and Continue Reading →

Dream to Dress by Christine Murrell

As those of you who follow us quite closely will know, we love to share our brides with you; a few images from the big day to give you a glimpse into their wedding and to show you all the different ways in which you can make your wedding and your dress completely you. We are particularly proud to share Chris and Mike’s wedding with you today. Not only because we LOVE how everything came together and the time we spent getting to know them as a couple, but also because Christine has very kindly agreed to talk a bit about why she chose us to create her wedding dress and how she found the whole process. We know choosing your wedding dress is a big decision made all the bigger for choosing something that doesn’t yet exist… so here is Christine’s experience… So…..I said yes, venue booked, photographer lined up, cake tasted but what to wear? As I am a mature bride perhaps the dress /jacket combo was the safe way to go but as a good friend pointed out I was the Bride not a guest!!This was an occasion for something a bit more than the usual, to Continue Reading →

Rachel and Kevin’s Bonfire night wedding at Sefton Palm house

The eagle eyed among you will have seen Rachel on our round up of EWE wedding fair a few weeks ago. She’s one of our brides that came with us to strut her stuff in Birmingham, so it seems only right that we share a bit of her wedding with you guys.   …And what a flipping gorgeous wedding!!! Rachel and Kevin chose Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool on Bonfire weekend and as a result their wedding was ablaze with amazing autumnal colours and plenty of sparklers. Jonny Draper Photography had the honours of capturing the day and the pictures are just incredible! Do you realise how difficult it’s been to only pick a few pictures to share with you? As for the dress… it couldn’t have been any more perfect for a glittering wedding reception. Rachel’s bodice is completely encrusted with rhinestones. We LOVE how the slight off the shoulder design flows into a deep V neckline at the back. And that skirt, well, dark pewter satin overlaid with glittering ombre shades of tulle and organza in layers that cascade around the jagged hem. It was an absolute pleasure working with Rachel to develop this totally unique and Continue Reading →

Vegas Vow renewal

Usually, when I sit down to write about one of our resent weddings I know where the blog is heading, but Elaine and Mik’s wedding is different. It’s a vow renewal for a start! How cool is that? I’m trying to think now how many vow renewals we’ve made dresses for, and out of the hundreds of dresses we’ve made I can probably count them on one hand. It’s one of those things that as a new bride you easily imagine reliving on your 10 or 20 year anniversary but how many of us actually do it? Well, Elaine and Mik that’s who! Not only that but they went to Vegas and had Elvis perform the ceremony in a little white chapel with a pink Cadillac. Can they get any more awesome? Well yes – they topped it off with matching tattoos. These guys just know how to do it. We had the pleasure of watching their ceremony via a live feed and OMG it was perfect… Coming down the aisle to ‘Can’t help falling in love’, promising not to step on each others blue suede shoes with the curled lip uh-hu-hu and dancing out to (let me be your) Continue Reading →